Bestia's Wrath

Chapter 2 - Page 0 - Cover

May 14th, 2019, 12:00 pm
A drawing that has a character float in a dark abyss, surrounded by a huge shattered pane that has different things happening inside the shards. There’s a rectangular gap between the shards in the upper part of the image, showing the title: “Bestia’s Wrath Chapter 2″ in gold letters. 

A shard right below houses the chapter name: “Shattered Days”. 

The character is a buff orange-skinned woman who is floating with her back to the viewer and her hands reaching towards the shards. She has long wavy bright red hair with a white lock in it she is wearing a coat that is split into many fox tail like ribbons at the bottom. The other 2 characters are two men, one is drawn on several shards in the upper left, and the other is in the lower right. Upper left guy has fluffy dark hair and sideburns, and mostly the lower half of his face is visible. Lower right guy has a gaunt face half of which is a giant scar, a blind eye, and mid length dark hair. He is staring upwards, terrified. There are flames reflecting in his eyes.
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From the Author
ColorsOfFear May 14th, 2019, 12:00 pm
This one is probably going to be much shorted than both the prologue and Chapter 1, if my outline is to be believed.
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RensKnight (Guest) May 19th, 2019, 10:21 pm
This definitely captures the aesthetic of the horrible visions Vitiate torments the Outlander with while in carbonite. Bet seeing Styrak with that sort of grief and despair will be a real punch in the gut. :(

(But DAT HAIR...yep. Still jealous.)
ColorsOfFear May 22nd, 2019, 3:17 pm
@RensKnight: Thank you! Styrak is having a bad time because he is terrified of fire after what happened to him on Darvannis.