Bestia's Wrath

The comic features my own versions of the Dread Masters, and, to an extent, of Emperor Vitiate and Valkorion. The Dread Masters have their own personalities and backstories, that may differ from SWTOR's canon. Emperor Vitiate has a visual design that I kind of made up, but otherwise follows the SWTOR lore. Valkorion has his own role beyond being a host to Vitiate, and minor visual alterations. Please don't come at me with the "Dread Masters are humans" thing XD. I know. But I've made these up many months before the lore was updated, and didn't feel like changing them.

Bestia Rak'shi

The protagonist. One of the Dread Masters, rumored to be the strongest of them in terms of raw Force power. Mother. Warrior. Has a loud, brash personality. Likes loud music, fighting, and animals. Hasn't worn sleeves for the last five centuries.

Sharack Snow

Bestia's presumably deceased daughter. Assumed to have perished during the Devouring of Ziost. However, there are sightings of her around the Galaxy, slowly converging towards the Unknown Regions.

Emperor Vitiate

The Immortal Sith Emperor. Has a beef with the Dread Masters in general, and Bestia and her family in particular. Is hounded by Sharack. Likes possessing people. Current host: Valkorion.


Vitiate's latest and possibly last host. Once was a warrior of a long gone Zakuulan tribe, who was exiled for preaching against the gods.

Rammas Rak'shi

A young Pureblood who was brought to Oricon as a child, and later helped free the Dread Masters. Claims to be Bestia's daughter. Is Bestia's daughter according to tests, but couldn't have been born as the Dread Masters were in stasis during the time. Has trouble remembering her childhood up to a certain point, and a mysterious power to feed on fear.

Styrr "Styrak" Rak'shi

One of the Dread Masters. Due to having been killed on Darvannis, and then pulled back to life by his apprentices, he is stuck between life and death. Bestia's husband. Doesn't speak much. Rather reclusive.

Calphayus Rak'shi

Eldest of the Dread Masters. A prophet capable of seeing multitudes of timelines and into parallel universes. Bestia's father. Didn't choose the Dread Master life.

Teyro "Tyrans" Armond

One of the Dread Masters. Bestia's friend, and twin brother of Brontes. Tactician, martial artist, and hacker. Has a weirdly low voice that doesn't really match his appearance. Spends a ridiculous amount of time on the Holonet.

Argia "Brontes" Armond

One of the Dread Masters. Twin sister of Tyrans. Has a similar set of skills to him, topped up by extensive knowledge of Sith Artifacts, and expertise in cybernetics. Too cool for a lightsaber. Everything is a friendly competition against Tyrans with the right mindset.


One of the Dread Masters. Deems himself the leader even though no one voted for him. Shady character. Capable of talking anyone into anything. Extremely draining to be around.